May 21, 2024
AI engineering

Welcome to Engineering Tomorrow, our vision centers on AI engineering as vital for creating a better future. We aim to make engineering inclusive, reaching students from various backgrounds. They learn to face tomorrow’s challenges, thanks to our no-cost labs focusing on machine learning, robotics, and aerodynamics.

Here, learning extends beyond just books. We showcase how engineering solves real-world problems. This sparks curiosity and fuels a love for engineering. Our format, including live Lab Days and pre-recorded workshops, ensures that all students can dive in. They tackle problems and receive guidance, connecting them with engineering’s broad opportunities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Engineering Tomorrow offers no-cost labs in AI engineering for students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Hands-on experience, real-world applications, and mentorship opportunities are integral to the labs.
  • Pre-recorded workshops and live Lab Days cater to different learning preferences.
  • Engineering Tomorrow inspires curiosity and connects students with the field of engineering.
  • AI engineering holds the key to building a better world, and Engineering Tomorrow aims to make that vision a reality.

Empowering Students through Engineering Education

At Engineering Tomorrow, we work hard to empower high school students with our engineering education programs. Our goal is to make engineering more accessible and inspire students to consider a career in this field. We want to expand young minds and show them the impact they can have as engineers.

We do this by offering virtual labs, mentorship, and hands-on learning. This lets students experience science and engineering every day. Through our labs, they not only learn theory but also apply what they’ve learned in real situations.

“Engineering Tomorrow’s labs gave me the chance to explore different engineering disciplines and gain hands-on experience. It was through these labs that I discovered my passion for robotics and decided to pursue it as a career.” – Telva McGruder, Engineering Manager at General Motors

Our programs deeply impact students. They get to see engineering in action, which builds their problem-solving skills and appreciation for the field. This experience gives them the confidence to chase a future in engineering.

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We also connect students with industry professionals. Mentoring and talks with engineers like Telva McGruder from General Motors and Milton Davis from NASA offer valuable insights. Students learn how their engineering skills can be used in real life.

“When students have the chance to see themselves in the shoes of professionals and understand the impact they can make, their passion for engineering ignites. Engineering Tomorrow is truly making a difference in shaping the future of the industry.” – Milton Davis, NASA Engineer

We’re not just about teaching engineering. We aim to inspire and equip students for their engineering careers. Our focus is on providing the tools, resources, and guidance they need.

Through these efforts, we’re building a diverse and inclusive engineering community. We’re helping young minds to thrive and impact the world significantly. We’re crafting the future of engineering, one student at a time.

Shaping the Future of Engineering

Engineering Tomorrow is changing engineering’s future in huge ways. They reach out and include everyone, sparking a love for engineering in students from diverse backgrounds. Many students who joined Engineering Tomorrow’s labs have chosen to study engineering in college.

Engineering Tomorrow stands out by embracing student diversity in engineering. They have more incoming freshmen, Black/Hispanic students, and female students in engineering than the national average. This shows their strong commitment to welcoming students of all backgrounds into engineering.

Engineering Tomorrow doesn’t just help individual students. Their labs and programs have reached millions of students and thousands of teachers. They’ve also greatly helped schools and nonprofit groups. By motivating the next generation of engineers, Engineering Tomorrow is creating a diverse, inclusive future in engineering.


What is Engineering Tomorrow?

Engineering Tomorrow is a group that brings engineering to students of all backgrounds. It makes engineering inclusive and tackles future problems. We give free labs on machine learning, robotics, and aerodynamics. These labs offer hands-on learning, practical uses, problem-solving, and chances to meet mentors.

What does Engineering Tomorrow offer?

Engineering Tomorrow provides virtual labs, mentorship, and hands-on learning for high schoolers interested in science and engineering. We share inspiring stories from engineers and create interest in engineering through online workshops or live Lab Days.

How does Engineering Tomorrow inspire students?

Through virtual labs, mentorship, and hands-on learning, Engineering Tomorrow motivates future engineers. Our initiatives make the engineering field accessible to high schoolers. We expand their views with testimonials and experiences in real engineering work.

How does Engineering Tomorrow support diversity in engineering?

Engineering Tomorrow aims to spark interest in engineering among diverse students. Our labs help increase the number of freshmen, Black/Hispanic students, and women studying engineering. We encourage students from all backgrounds to explore engineering careers.

How successful has Engineering Tomorrow been in inspiring students?

Engineering Tomorrow has reached millions of students, thousands of teachers, and many schools and nonprofits. Our work has led many students to choose engineering in college. This shows how we successfully motivate students towards engineering careers.

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